How A Single Mother Of 5 Children Lost 88 Pounds (40 Kgs)

How A Single Mother Of 5 Children
Lost 88 Pounds (40 Kgs)

Tiffany Transformed Her Approach About 3 Simple Ideas, Which Allowed Her To Transform Her Body

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: since discovering The Gabriel Method, Tiffany Nightingale lost 40 kg (88lbs). Tiffany no longer recognized herself in the mirror. She had dieted before and never been able to keep the weight off. As a mother of five and facing a health scare, Tiffany was determined to succeed.
In this beautiful video, Tiffany describes how The Gabriel Method radically transformed her ideas about safety, digestion and abundance, giving her the keys to completely change her body and her life.
For all of you out there in a similar situation to Tiffany, The Gabriel Method has created an intensive, personalized coaching program to help those struggling with weight to find holistic, lasting solutions from the inside out.
To learn more about The Ultimate Coaching Experience, WATCH THIS VIDEO.


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