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How to reduce pregnancy belly after 1, 2, 3 or even 4 Years in Easy Steps

Do you ever heard some older women says: "Girl you are look great, but... wait after having a baby" , "You are never gonna look the same again". Yes that older women maybe right at some point. But don't worry you can reduce your post pregnancy belly after 1, 2, 3 or even 4 years and you always can get beauty and slim again if you follow these tips, just keep reading.

A lot of woman's pregnancy fat and weight will be melts off in couple of month, after she give birth. That's happen because your hormone make your body release excess fluid and cause your midsection to shrink down.

But not all women get that lucky some of them still had her baby belly even after 1, 2, 3 even 4 years after having a baby. And maybe everyone thinks that you are still pregnant. If you follow these step, it can help you to reduce post pregnancy belly after giving birth.

How to reduce pregnancy belly after 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 years? You must take extra efforts to burn your excess body …

How to lose belly fat after cesarean delivery in Hindi

One of the most important stages in a woman's most eagerly awaited life is giving birth. Giving birth to cute children, and fostering a harmonious family is the desire of every couple in the world.

After giving birth, then you hug your baby, it feels all the pain that you get during childbirth gone. But some time later, you will found that your weight are difficult to fell off.

Especially when you give birth by cesarean section. Usually women who perform a cesarean section for the birth delivery process are harder to lose belly fat thereafter.

But do not worry, lose belly fat after cesarean delivery in Hindi is not impossible to achieve. Here are some tips you can do to reduce tummy after cesarean delivery.

Believe it or not, breastfeeding will help you lose weight after giving birth by cesarean section. Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months can help you to lose weight and throw away the fat that is in your tummy, so that your belly will slowly slim as you desire.

Use A…

How to reduce weight fast after second Baby - Diet Experience

Herani Arundati (34) get fatter after giving birth to her second baby, but she did not give up so easily. She still tried to lose weight. and she Success! And how long does it take to lose weight after second baby? Not too long. She succeed got reduced his weight 16 kg in just 10 months.

Herani who has a height 158 cm now are much more confident with the weight 69 kg. Previously, his weight had reached 85 kg. She share her story how to reduce weight after second baby:

"Like most women, after giving birth to a second child my weight soared. My weight even reached 88 kg. This condition certainly makes me embarrassed. And make me asked to myself how can i lose weight after my second baby? I know that losing weight after second baby harder.

But I do not give up, I still try to find a way to be able to restore the body shape as before. Finally I tried to change my diet and change my eating menus. Though heavy, but with my intentions and commitment I can do it.

Some of my friends also…

How to reduce weight after delivery with Home Remedies

Reducing weight after delivery is generally a big challenge for women. This is one of the most common complaints from mothers. Some parts of the body that become fat, like hips, stomach, and it takes time to get slim again. And with this article we will learn how to reduce weight after delivery with home remedies and you will get flat tummy again.

It is important to remember that do not do diet or exercise immediately after delivery, you should give time for the body to recover the condition first. This is no exception for women who do cesarean delivery or c section, your body need time before we can do diet to reduce some weight at belly.

Strict diet or excessively heavy exercise to weight loss can have a negative impact on you and your baby. You can do light exercise that are not too heavy, and you can reduce weight after delivery by doing yoga. Keep in mind that in most cases after pregnancy, tummy fat is a temporary problem, and  mothers can usually lose 10 pounds while breastfee…

10 Easy Ways to Get Back Slim After Childbirth


Breastfeeding does not only have a positive impact on the baby. But if you breastfeed, then it is one easy and cheap way to get back slim after giving birth. This is easy way to answer how to lose weight without working out for mummy.

Because when you give exclusive breastfeeding, then there has been a reduction of fat deposits in the body. The stored fats will be used to produce milk. So if the mother is breastfeeding, the fat deposits in the body will be lost.

Babysitting Baby

Taking care of a baby without the help of a baby sitter can actually make you slim again after giving birth. Doing your own baby everything from bathing the baby, changing diapers, holding a baby, putting the baby down, breastfeeding and getting a baby to play, has already drained the energy.

Because, the activity of babysitting and taking care of the baby takes considerable time and attention. Not only concentration but also a lot of energy out to nurture a baby without the help of a baby sitter.…