10 Easy Ways to Get Back Slim After Childbirth


Breastfeeding does not only have a positive impact on the baby. But if you breastfeed, then it is one easy and cheap way to get back slim after giving birth. This is easy way to answer how to lose weight without working out for mummy.

Because when you give exclusive breastfeeding, then there has been a reduction of fat deposits in the body. The stored fats will be used to produce milk. So if the mother is breastfeeding, the fat deposits in the body will be lost.

Babysitting Baby

Taking care of a baby without the help of a baby sitter can actually make you slim again after giving birth. Doing your own baby everything from bathing the baby, changing diapers, holding a baby, putting the baby down, breastfeeding and getting a baby to play, has already drained the energy.

Because, the activity of babysitting and taking care of the baby takes considerable time and attention. Not only concentration but also a lot of energy out to nurture a baby without the help of a baby sitter. So you do not have to go on a strict diet to lose weight after giving birth.

Up Down the Stairs

Your house consists of two floors? Well, up and down stairs can help you burn body fat. Another benefit is strengthening the muscles of the thighs, legs, and abdomen. This exercise is quite easy and can be done inside the house. When practicing, place your child outside the room to keep you monitored.

Push Up in Bedroom

Little is still sleeping soundly in his crib? Not that your practice should stop Moms. You can try push-up exercises in the room. Do not forget to use a mat to keep your back unnatural. Routine to practice push ups, will tighten the stomach and slowly fat around the belly was eroded.

Stretching and Breathing

One more thing you can do in the room, namely stretching exercises (stretching) and breathing for a more relaxed body. This exercise you do on the sidelines of the activity of taking care of your child as between changing diapers and washing bottles. In between these activities try to take a moment to take a mat and do yoga or pilates for a moment. Although for a moment, this activity is powerful enough to be a stress reliever you know!


Check out local clubs or recreational areas that have pool facilities. Swimming with your baby would be a fun time. Instead, invite and husband so that when you focus focus on the father can keep the little guy. A swimming routine can help restore your body shape.

Kegel exercises

This exercise can be done while you eat, wash, take care of the baby, even while bathing. By diligently practicing kegel can strengthen the muscles surrounding the vagina, so you avoid the problem over bladder alias often urinate.

Video Exercise

Browsing or playing fitness videos can also be a powerful way of exercising in the home. By following the instructions on the video, you can practice aerobic or pilates gymnastics. Put your little one near you. One thing to note, do not play videos with music that's too loud.

Personal Trainer

For those of you who are required to exercise or are used to at gym, there are other ways you can travel. One of them is to bring in a personal trainer for the next few months. This can be a solution when you are reluctant to leave the baby. Cardio exercise under the supervision of a trainer can certainly help you weigh the weights and sculpt the body.

Do homework

Try to set the alarm and do the homework routine. For example mopping with squatting, washing clothes without the help of a washing machine, cleaning the kitchen, or bathroom. Organize activities to be more varied such as brushing the bathroom twice a week, washing clothes every day, washing dishes twice a day and mopping every day. Organize all these activities by sounding an alarm to remind you. If you can live it with discipline, then this housework can also function to burn calories in your body. With this activity you don't need working out to lose some weight. Good luck!


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