How to reduce weight fast after second Baby - Diet Experience

Herani Arundati (34) get fatter after giving birth to her second baby, but she did not give up so easily. She still tried to lose weight. and she Success! And how long does it take to lose weight after second baby? Not too long. She succeed got reduced his weight 16 kg in just 10 months.

Herani who has a height 158 cm now are much more confident with the weight 69 kg. Previously, his weight had reached 85 kg. She share her story how to reduce weight after second baby:

"Like most women, after giving birth to a second child my weight soared. My weight even reached 88 kg. This condition certainly makes me embarrassed. And make me asked to myself how can i lose weight after my second baby? I know that losing weight after second baby harder.

But I do not give up, I still try to find a way to be able to restore the body shape as before. Finally I tried to change my diet and change my eating menus. Though heavy, but with my intentions and commitment I can do it.

Some of my friends also managed to lose weight, so my desire to do it is also getting bigger.

For the diet, I eat only four tablespoons of rice each time, I also eat less sweet foods. Not to forget for a snack I prefer to eat fruit.

I'm not exercise much, I just always take the time to sit-up at least 50 times. But sometimes also up to 100 times. For water, I try to drink a lot of it. Another key, I always try to stop eat if it is above 6 pm. As a result my weight is now more ideal at 69 kg figure."

If you have plan to get second baby don't worry about: how long to lose second baby weight or how long did it take you to lose weight after second baby. I know it's harder for some mum but actually it's not that hard. And second baby will make you & happy make your family more closer. You must watch story  From Tiffany: How A Single Mother Of 5 Children Lost 88 Pounds (40 Kgs).


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